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The Movie Show, SBS TV
David Stratton, At The Movies, ABC TV
Multi-layeredgripping…it bites deep into the wounds of the Vietnam war and America's secretive bombing campaign… the story is personal as well as global…The touches of down to earth Aussie humour seem entirely appropriate amidst the danger and the destruction that was caused… Bomb Harvest is a significant work that touches on all the ugly politics of war.
Andrew L Urban, Urban Cinefile
Incredibly powerful
Magdalena Wozniak , The Drum
Leigh Paatsch,Herald Sun
Thoroughly entertaining despite its grisly subject matter…conveys its messages subtly and skillfullyMoving…and quite often laugh-out-loud funny. Stevens is a wonderful character: nerveless, affable, empathetic …and a larrikin to boot….There are some 'you must be kidding' moments as the trainees attempt to dismantle 500 pound bombs, any of which could turn them into 'pink mist' with one false move…One of the best movies I've seen this year.
Bruce Clarke,
Wildly entertaining…breathlessly tense…Kim Mordaunt has taken on the most delicate of subjects…with warmth, humour and richness…Stevens is a lovable larrikinfull of hokum and  charm, and the camera loves him…a lovely film.
Brian Duff, FilmInk
Bomb Harvest vividly depicts the consequences of war and the unimaginable bravery
of those trying to clear up the mess…Powerful and compelling…a truly inspiring film.
 Jenny Neighbour, Sydney Film Festival
a real eye-openeran excellent doco...
Wendy Rawady, Australian Film Critics Association
Garry Maddox, Sydney Morning Herald
Stevens brings the documentary to life with his larrikin humour. He’s a wonderful character…he’s filmed on a series of expeditions which provide some jaw-dropping moments.This is a captivating film that will leave you amazed.
Kris Walsh,
Stevens is a gift…a laconic bushman type who’s immensely good at his job but modest, likeable and funny in two languages…the film will enlighten you. It might also enrage you
Paul Byrnes, Sydney Morning Herald
The delight of the film is in getting to know the members of the Laotian team that Laith is training, a couple of whom were former monks, and one is now relishing a life of wine, women and song...But it’s actually images of the children grubbing around in the dirt for scrap metal, which may or may
not be still live, that haunts.
Margaret Pomeranz, At The Movies
Fascinating…powerful…Laith has assembled a diverse bunch to work with him, including some former monks who are only just starting to experience the joys of alcohol and women - and their experiences with both make hilarious viewing.
Tracey Prisk, The Daily Telegraph
Important and sobering…It’ll make your blood boil.
Michael Adams, Empire
Enthralling…nerve-wracking…(Laith is) a charming Aussie larrikin with a marvellously irreverent sense of humour
David Michael Brown,

Director Kim Mordaunt and producer Sylvia Wilczynski have seemingly achieved the impossible – a film that is both shocking and poignant yet laugh-out-loud funny….the humour is so powerful because it is so unexpected within this storyline…the comic relief kept me riveted….It is the ability to juxtapose all the opposites in the film that makes Bomb Harvest so compelling…a timely film.

Lou Beaumont, The Echo
Bomb Harvest skillfully weaves together the drama of the bomb disposal team's work, stunning archival footage and the locals' experiences to explore how the trauma of the bombing lives on 35 years later.
Onscreen: RealTime magazine
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A tense and exciting viewing experience…gripping and  thought provoking.
                             Laith Stevens is inspiring and charismatic.

Filming in the Danger Zone: Making Bomb Harvest

Peter Galvin Encore Magazine

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Brothers in Arms with a mission to save lives 

Garry Maddox Sydney Morning Herald
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